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Bakery Boxes

The Window Bakery range features a large window to show off cakes, pastries and other bakery items. A light clay coat provides protection against grease. Along with Natural Kraft, these are also offered in white, and is ideal for branding.For windows, apart from standard PET films, We have an option of a cellulose acetate film which is certified home compostable and is suitable for anaerobic digestion as well. The cellulose film has better transparency and clarity than PET films.

Window Cake Boxes

  1. Window Boxes Double Viewing Panel

    The perfect presentation for the joyous occasions involving the perfectly baked pies and cakes. Our Bakery Boxes come with a single/double panel viewing window so that the Cake can water up mouths with just a look!

  2. Available Sizes Boxes for every use

    For Cakes :
    Small : 180 mm x 180 mm x 75 mm
    Medium : 230 mm x 230 mm x 75 mm
    Large : 280 mm x 280 mm x 100 mm

    For Patesserie :
    Small : 130 mm x 110 mm x 80 mm
    Medium : 180 mm x 110 mm x 80 mm
    Large : 260 mm x 110 mm x 80 mm
    Flat : 200 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm

  3. Customized Sizes & Printings From 5.000 pcs

    Cake Boxes can come in Various Structures and we have them all! 6 Corner Cake Boxes, 4 Corner Cake Boxes, Manual Cake Boxes and so much more.
    Drop us an email regarding your specific requirements and we shall provide you the best possible variant.

Window Pastry Box

Window Patisserie Box

Cupcakes & Macaroons

  1. Cupcake Inserts Made as per you requirement

    Our Cupcake inserts are designed to fit perfectly in any of our Bakery Boxes. Ask for as many Cupcake holes as you like!

  2. Macaroon Boxes Also with Window Panel

    These boxes are specially designed for Macaroons. They come with a slide-in insert and are available in the below sizes:

    For 5 pcs : 125 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
    For 6 pcs : 165 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
    For 12 pcs : 165 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm
    Please contact us for more sizes.

Cupcake Insert

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Premium Cake Boxes

  1. In-House Value Addition Emboss, Hot-Foil and Spot UV

    Having all the operations under a single roof, We offer our clients to make the most of their packaging and help them to design the boxes that stand out on shelves. We have metallic printing, Hot foil stamping, Spot UV and so much more to offer!

  2. Rigid Boxes for Cakes From 2.000 pcs

    We have a fully automated manufacturing facility for rigid boxes/setup boxes. These are quite popular for premium bakery stores across the world. Our partners can avail amazing options in terms of custom prints starting from a very small MOQ.

Rigid Cake Box

Rigid Box with Gold Foil Stamp