A World of Eco-Packaging

About Us

When we say sustainable it means green for the planet and profitable for your business

The packaging industry is one that continues growing and demands innovation at every turn. We are a huge part of this growing industry and we believe we can set new standards by our focus on sustainable packaging as well as profits for our clients. Millions have trusted us making us the largest exporter in this segment in India. At Cambay, we believe in growing sustainably and we are proud to say that the company is being globally recognized for the same.

Till a few years ago packaging was an afterthought for most food service brands, as well as consumers. Today packaging has become a consumer experience and brands have awoken to a whole new world of sustainable food packaging possibilities.

At Cambay, we are committed to adding positivity to businesses and the environment with a range of sustainable food packaging products. Our products are manufactured and customized design to expand your business footprint, while helping your reduce its environmental footprint.
We are in a unique position to lead a transition to a circular economy where dependency on fossil-based materials is replaced by materials and solutions that are renewable, recyclable and with low or zero carbon footprint.

Every day our modern production facilities are converting over 15,000 tonnes of paper of various grades, into eco-friendly packaging. As an EN 13432 compliant company, we’ve been the pioneers in introducing compostable barrier coatings suitable for the foodservice packaging industry.

We also have customized packaging design capabilities with highly experienced in-house structural and graphic designing teams. Working in unison with you, we will not only deliver packaging that adheres to your brand guidelines, but also help you expand packaging possibilities with desired geometric shapes or colours you have in mind.

As customers across the world become more conscious of what they consume and how they consume it, we are delivering foodservice packaging solutions that help brands respond rapidly.