Manufacturing Precision
in Every Product


World-Class Production Technology

Cambay manufactures products from its two state-of-the-art and efficient manufacturing units near the western coast of India.
Both our modern production facilities, totaling 25000 sq. mt. have high-levels of automization, ensuring minimal human interface in the production activities. Besides using the latest, cutting-edge technologies, our machinery setup is world-class with the finest German and Swiss made machines.

Every day we are converting over 15,000 tonnes of paper of various grades, into eco-friendly packaging.
This ranks us amongst the top companies in the world in the industry and the only company in India truly
focused on foodservice packaging on such a large scale.

In addition, we maintain complete control over our final product output as we do not outsource any of the production activities to third-parties. This translates into cost savings, superior products, and a unique ability to work across a wide range of shapes and custom design options.

Reaching you Coast to
Coast – Faster

Both our plants are located just 60 km from the nearest seaport – Hazira (Code -INHZA1). This is one of our biggest strengths since it allows for shorter transportation lead-times To Middle-east, Europe and North America.

Exporting to over 18 countries, we have an overall capacity to supply more than 150 containers per month

Moreover, we also keep adequate raw-material stocks to insure against the global supply risks which have become very pertinent in current times.

Total Quality Control

As a world-class food packaging services & suppliers company, ensuring the highest compliance to food safety standards is one of our key missions. The QA/QC practices across our all manufacturing facilities, including warehouses, are regularly adhered to and strictly audited against BRC-IOP standards.

We also conduct frequent internal audits in our plant and ensure adequate training of key personnel for food safety compliance.

Given our high level of adherence we have been consistently awarded an A-Grade certificate BRC

Cambay prides itself in ensuring quality control processes to ensure that every product leaving our facilities meets every quality standards.

Vertical integration

We are one of the very few companies in the world with vertically integrated manufacturing facilities – from basic raw-material preparation i.e. facilities for speciality barrier coatings, aluminum film extrusion lamination, to conversion into final products. This ensures strict quality control adherence and better control over our supply chain.