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Specialised Food Packaging Solutions

We understand that in the food industry every food segment is unique. Each with their own unique set of audiences, who in turn have different and unique tastes.
That is why at Cambay our mission is to keep the relationship between your food product, its freshness, taste and its packaging – seamless.
From the most premium, to the most efficient and the most eco-friendly, our materials and products offer
a full suite of solutions, ensuring that we are always able to meet your packaging demands.

Packaging that Protects

We tap in to world class technologies to ensure that our packaging keep your takeaway products safer and fresher for longer. Our takeaway boxes and food containers are 100% leak-proof and Oil and Grease Resistant (OGR) and designed for easy of opening. That means every takeaway order that your customers carry, also carries you brand promise with it.

Packaging that Suits your Budget

Though our products aim to minimize the cost to the planet; that does not mean they maximize the cost to you. We ensure that our every packaging product is designed to meet your budget. As a quality supplier who understands your needs and your business, we always endeavour to provide you with the best options available.

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