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R & D

R&D Focused on the Foodservice Industry

At Cambay innovation is at the core of our growth evolution and our focus on R&D specific to this industry is ever constant. Intense time and effort is invested in both researching environmentally friendly options and as well as sourcing the best materials for our products. This enables us to provide a huge variety of paperboard substrates to choose from.

Besides our team has a global market exposure through constant field visits and access to latest cutting-edge knowledge resources. This enables us to be nimble and quick in adapting to ever-changing regulations over the world.

Cambay specializes in the foodservice industry that includes sectors like restaurants, fast-food joints, takeaway restaurants and catering services. With a growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, Cambay is world-renowned for its unique and innovative green designs for these sectors. With technology at par with global standards, design solutions for sustained environmental impact and profits for our clients has always been our foundation.